This painting process was interrupted three times by folks walking in this semi-out-of-the-way area. To each of these interrupters, Jon gave answers and comments to their interest. The first of the persons to interrupt was a young wanna-be-artist with camera in hand to capture scenes for later art subjects. The second interruption was a class of fourth graders lead by teacher and two chaperones. They stopped to observe and ask questions. Jon gave them a brief testimony of his art interest, which begins in the 5th grade and has continued for 40 years, he challenged these young students to preserver with their art interest. The third person was a man and his wife. The man was as much attracted to Jon's “Vietnam Vets” cap, which Jon had on, as to Jon's now almost completed painting. This man himself was a “Vietnam Vet” he and Jon exchanged some brief respectful comments regarding their “Vietnam” experiences. 

By 12:15, in less than 2 hours time Jon had completed the painting on this, what I now see, as a beautiful scene, amazing. I was amazed at how quickly, accurately; realistically Jon had transferred this nature scene to a 12" X 16" panel. I have the distinct feeling that my first viewing of an artist at work was that of a MASTER. 

Charlie Whittington, Seminole, Florida.
"While Jon Houglum and his dear wife Carolyn were visiting my home in Seminole, Florida, Jon ask if I had ever observed an artist doing a painting. No, I have never had this experience, but would like to observe Jon painting a nature scene. I suggested to Jon that we visit “Sawgrass Lake Park” 7400 25th Street North, Clearwater FL, about five miles from my residence to find a subject for him to paint."   Charlie Whittington
After a short time in the park, Jon chose a scene for this painting.  I was reminded that, Art and Art Scenes are in the eye of the artist. My artist friend, Jon saw a Master Piece scene view of nature, just another outdoor view to me. I said to Jon, "point out to me the Master subject in this scene; I still do not see it". Jon said, "Okay I will paint it for you to see". We quickly returned to Jon's van for his painting easel and materials. At approximately 10:30 A.M. we were back to the location of scene, Jon had his easel setup and a blank panel mounded on it.
Jon begins the process of painting the scene for me to see. He first made some general random dark lines on the panel, while carefully looking toward the focal point of the scene. Then begin the process of painting and transferring the view onto the panel.
I was amazed at how quickly Jon transferred this scene onto the panel. This was my first opportunity to observe an artist at work. It’s beyond my understanding how Jon used eight or ten paint colors to create the many dark and light colors with many subtle hues in between. 
Jon set up to paint at the Alafia River Rendezvous, Homeland, Florida in late January 2011.  The Rendezvous is sponsored by the Florida Frontiersmen on their property.   Below are some of the paintings he did in Safety Harbor and Seminole, Florida.

Shown below is Jon with Bob, one of his students who has a seasonal home in North Carolina, painting in a park in DeBary, Florida near Bob's home.  The Gateway Art Center in DeBary will host Jon for teaching an oil painting workshop next year.
Safety Harbor Park
Safety Harbor, Florida
Seminole, Florida Home
Fishing in Seminole Park
Jacksonville, Florida was the next stop for Jon and wife, Carolyn.  Jon continued to do some plein air painting while waiting for the time of the workshop he taught in Jacksonville.  The most fun was had while painting the scene of the Ortega Bridge.  When we arrived it was cool but comfortable.  As time went on however; it jog quite windy and chilly, but Jon kept painting until he was done.
The Painting of Ortega Bridge
now hangs in the Dental Office of 
Dr. John Rob Holland, Jacksonville, Florida
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