Historic Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center
51 Cowee School Road, Franklin, NC
Franklin, North Carolina, 28734
Jon Houglum teaches oil painting classes and workshops at the Historic Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center in Franklin, North Carolina.  The classroom is a large room allowing space for many students and a large display space for Jon's paintings.  Jon is known as one of the best oil painting teachers in the Franklin, North Carolina area.  People travel as much as one and a half hours to attend his classes weekly.
Cowee School, Room 105

Oil Painting Classes Every Tuesday 
9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:00

Oil Painting Classes Every Wednesday 
1:00 to 4:00

​For more information contact Jon:

(828)369-7274 or Cell (828)371-0076

Email:  [email protected]
Oil Painting Classes and Workshops

Learn how to paint
"The  Famous Houglum Tree".
Classes are open to all skill levels.  Jon will demonstrate his painting techniques and give individual instructions to bring each artist further along their road to being a successful painter. 

Often Jon's students refer to "The Houglum Tree."  Jon will demonstrate the difference between painting forests and painting individual trees. Landscapes are often made up of both. After many years of painting, he has developed a technique of painting forests and painting trees in what he says is the easiest way possible. The students will be presented with various visual tools for suggesting background, middle ground and foreground colors which will give the sense of great depth in their paintings.  This is just one aspect of Jon's classes.  

Each student works on the subject of their choice with individual instructions on painting landscapes, waterscapes, still lifes, animals, old structures, old cars, and portraits.  You get to choose your subject to paint and use your own materials to create your masterpiece. 

Day one of Jon's workshops he demonstrates his painting techniques, how to mix colors, and how to block in your painting. He lectures and demonstrates in solid painting techniques and problem solving techniques in the oil paint medium with reliance on the fundamentals and discoveries of the Old Masters. His individual personalized instructions will help students visualize the pictorial potentials of their painting to produce a painting with vitality in design, value, and color. Day two the students will revisit their painting to make the darks darker and the lights lighter to show visual contrast to bring your painting to completion by the end of the workshop. 
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop 
Day One
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop
Day Two
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop
Finished Painting
Day Two
Jon Houglum
Cowee School
Jon's Individual Instructions
Jon Demonstrates for Becky
Mary's individual instructions.
Becky's individual instructions.
Jo's individual instructions.
Jon Houglum's Oil Painting Studio/Gallery/Classroom
Historical Cowee School, Franklin, North Carolina
Jon offers to all painters or painting enthusiasts the opportunity for a Personal Painting Retreat in Franklin, North Carolina. The Retreat consists of a three, four or five day commitment to join Jon and to paint with him in his studio or out on location (Plein Air) for at least five hours per day. This may include participating in his "Regular Studio Classes” with his regular weekly students, and when such classes are not in session, to be painting with him in his studio or out of doors. The retreat will include practical instructions and demonstrations on composition, when, where, what colors, and how Jon applies his colors to a painting in an immediate interactive setting. Franklin is located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains Western of North Carolina.  For more information: Visit the Houglum Personal Painting Retreat Page.
A student's testimonial:
"Jon, you continue to inspire me through your demonstrations, techniques, talent, patience and teaching excellence. You and Carolyn make a great team and your dedicated efforts inspire your students through your care and creativity. You show your students how to utilize the brush to create strokes in order to utilize the Houglum technique. You help your students find success at each level of their abilities. You, Jon Houglum, are the teacher that truly inspires with a unique combination of mastery of art and dedication to the friendships that bloom between the easels."  Mary
Dear Jon,
"I just couldn't let another day go by without telling you that your class at the Bascom was really terrific. I've taken a lot of landscape classes over the years and normally, the better the landscape artist, the worse the teacher, however you truly are the best of both worlds. I've bought all your DVD's and can’t wait to review them all now that I've taken your class."  Stu
Franklin Press photo/Lee Buchanan
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Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
Click to see painting "Ellijay Creek" Step-by-step 

To all of my past, present and future students:

The Carolina Gallery of Fine Art in Highlands, North Carolina, has given me a chance to have a two day oil painting workshop in their Gallery. The Gallery is located at: 417 4th Street (Upper level) just two blocks North of Main Street. The Workshop is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, September 14-15.

This Workshop is geared for advanced beginners and intermediate skill level students. The cost of the Workshop will be $250 per person. To register, contact Mary Lou by phone, 1-828-526-3705, or by e-mail,  [email protected]

The last time I did a Workshop in the Highlands area, the Sign Up Roster was filled up rather quickly. The Carolina Gallery and I have agreed that we need a minimum of eight students to hold the workshop and a maximum of twelve students because of the somewhat limited space available. The students will need to supply their own expendable materials and supplies. My recommended supply list can be viewed by clicking onto my web site, near the top of my Home Page:

The subject matter for the Workshop will be a Landscape with emphasis placed on creating pleasing atmospheric conditions with light and color. We will take some time in trying to master trees in the distance, middle-ground and foreground. We may also study the visual effects of the light and colors found in a shallow moving stream with rocks above and below the surface of the water.

The Workshop should be great fun yet challenging for all levels of painters. We would recommend that each participant have some previous exposure and knowledge in the oil painting technique.

Pre-registration with the Gallery is essential, so we would recommend that if you wish to participate, that you contact the Gallery rather promptly.

Please help spread the word about this Workshop opportunity with your painting friends and acquaintances who may be interested in attending.

Thank you all so much, and I hope we see you in September.

Jon Houglum

 Houglum Fine Art
   Original Oil Paintings in the Tradition of Old Masters
Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center
51 Cowee School Road, Franklin, North Carolina, 28734

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