Houglum Fine Art
   Original Oil Paintings in the Tradition of Old Masters
                                   JON HOUGLUM FINE ART STUDIO/GALLERY
                                   Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center
                                   51 Cowee School Road, Franklin, North Carolina, 28734


Flash Drive USB Memory Sticks with mp4 files converted from DVDs with the total instructions contained on the DVDs. 

The USB Flash drive is perfect for artists who don’t have access to a DVD drive on their computer or a DVD video player.
Jon’s painting studio and gallery is located in the Historical Cowee School, Franklin, North Carolina.  His oil painting classes are open to all skill levels. Each student works on the subject of their choice with individual instructions. Artist who are looking to improve their painting skills are immersed in painting techniques in Jon's Personal Painting Retreats. 
"Leonardo coined this phrase: “To see is to know.” It is my intention to continually learn ever more about what I can look at around me, and to see it in ever increasing clarity, and then to accurately reproduce such images onto my canvases. Whether it be landscape, still-life or portraits, I am continually challenged to actually see what I am looking at, and to faithfully call attention to the same through my paintings for the benefit of those who may miss such beauty. Painting in the traditions of the Old Masters is a never-ending quest for me and I thoroughly enjoy the thrills and the interesting people I meet along the way." 

"I paint very large, medium and small size original oil paintings; commissions for painting your favorite scenes are accepted. The painting above it titled “Swimming Hole” 36”X48” was a commissioned painting from a photo I took of Ellijay Creek in Franklin, North Carolina."  Jon
Artist Jon Houglum