Artist Jon Houglum of Houglum Fine Art, Franklin, North Carolina emanates the style of the old masters in his oil paintings. The variety of his paintings and his professional expertise in the composition, drawing and painting of the many subjects using brilliant colors and placement of colors make his gallery 'sing'." His diversified painting ability includes paintings of landscapes with people, landscapes with wildlife, and landscapes with old barns and old structures. His waterscape paintings include a variety of scenes to include North Carolina waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and beach scenes including low country scenes. Jon'™s special gift as an artist is the ability to render a portrait that captures the spirit of a person in a realistic painting style.‹  Original oil paintings of wildlife and pets hand painted Jon speaks to the viewer both emotionally and visually. 

Jon's paintings rendered from photographs of black bears in the Western North Carolina Mountains by North Carolina residents and tourists are a delight to animal lovers everywhere. The cow pastures, goat pastures and chicken pens seen throughout the mountains of Western North Carolina are often the subject of his paintings.

Some of the paintings on the landscape page are painted on location and others are painted from photos Jon took on location.  Being a Plein Air painter, Jon is often seen painting scenes of the countryside.

The Western North Carolina Mountains are filled with beautiful waterfalls, rivers and boulders. Hundreds of waterfalls are nestled in the lush national and state forests. Jon's passion for painting to capture the spectacular beauty of the scenery with oils on canvas shows in his renderings of these scenes. 

Jacksonville, Florida is a good place to paint on location during the winter months.  Some of Jon's paintings on the beach and low country scenes are of Ocracoke Island and Roanoke Island  in North Carolina that Jon painted on location are some of the most popular low country scenes he has done. 

Jon's oil portrait paintings display a masterful and realistic rendering of his subjects with the finest oil paints.  "Painting landscapes is my passion, but my special gift as an artist is the ability to render a portrait that captures the spirit of a person in a realistic painting style." Jon
Classes are open to all skill levels. Jon will demonstrate his painting techniques and give individual instructions to bring each artist further along their road to being a successful painter. 

Often Jon's students refer to the Houglum tree. Jon will demonstrate the difference between painting forests and painting individual trees. Landscapes are often made up of both. After many years of painting, he has developed a technique of painting forests and painting trees in what he says is the easiest way possible. The students will be presented with various visual tools for suggesting background, middle ground and foreground colors which will give the sense of great depth in their paintings. This is just one aspect of Jon's classes.  

Each student works on the subject of their choice with individual instructions on painting landscapes, waterscapes, still lifes, animals, old structures, old cars, and portraits. You get to choose your subject to paint and use your own materials to create your masterpiece.
Want to get individualized instructions for a two to four day workshop in Jon'™s Studio on the subject of your choice.

Contact Jon Houglum
Phone:  (828)369-7274
Beginning Oil Painting
Landscape Oil Painting
Lily Pond Painting
Mastering Trees
Mountain Landscape Painting
Painting a Beach Scene
Painting a Lakeshore with Palms
Painting a Lily Pond
Painting a Low Country Scene
Painting a Mountain Stream and Waterfall
Painting a Still Life
Painting a Tide Flat
Painting an Early Fall Mountain Scene
Painting Cows in a Landscape
Painting Girl with Pearl Earring
Painting of Fall Reflections
Painting Portrait of Lincoln Presenter
Painting Rocks & Water
Painting a Still Life
Painting the Estuary
Painting the Hunting Cabin
Plein Air Painting in Minnesota
Cumming, GA First Methodist Church Festival of Arts
Best of Show, 2 Dimensional, "Meadow Magic"

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HomeHouglum FarmAnimals & Wildlife PaintingsBeach and Low Country PaintingsLandscape PaintingsOld Structure PaintingsPortrait Paintings
Still Life PaintingsWaterscape PaintingsOil Painting ClassesSupply ListPaint OutsPlein Air PaintingAbout Us
StatementOther LinksCustomer ServicePersonal Painting RetreatDVD-YouTube-VideosInstructional Oil Painting DVDs

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